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Apologises for the creases but I am going to share a few products and ways to have an amazing beauty sleep including a few beautiful gifted silk pillowcases.

Silk Pillowcases

Luckily I was gifted two beautiful silk pillowcases by two amazing companies; Alaska Bear (Pink) and Dormibene (Ivory). Silk pillowcases not only look so cute and boujee, but they have so many amazing benefits for your skin, hair and sleep.

Benefits of Silk Pillowcases:

1. 100% pure mulberry silk is completely natural
2. No bed creases on your skin
3. No bed hair
4. Prevents split ends/hair breakage
5. No more greasy due to the reduced pollution of sebum
6. Retains moisture while you sleep (cotton pillowcases absorb your face cream)
7. Hypoallergic - resistant to bed mites and good for skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea
8. Anti-ageing stimulates skin cell renewal 
9. Regulates temperature for a better nights sleep
10. Soft and comfortable for a perfect sleep

I have already felt and seen a difference in my skins complexion. The pillowcases are so soft and silky, plus they look so cute on my bed.

Earrings Out

I think this is pretty obvious but it's such a good idea to take your earrings out before you sleep - especially if you're sleeping on a silk pillowcase so the material doesn't catch. It also means that you'll have a more comfortable sleep.

No-dent Hair Ties

Invisibobble and Popband have created these new types of hair bands.These are some great hair ties that don't damage your hair. It's a great idea to sleep with you hair tied back to reduce excess oil on your face at night, but using bobbles can often damage your hair but if you use these hair ties then your hair will stay in amazing condition.

Ok so this night cream is very expensiveeee. I received this a Glossybox a few months ago and I have been using it since and I LOVE it. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to repurchase and not sure I would ever spend so much on a night cream but it was such a lovely product to receive and try out. Obviously if you can afford the price tag then it is definitely worth a look at. 

Overall these products are a few things that can give you an amazing beauty sleep to improve your skin, hair and sleep routine.




  1. Woahhh i had no idea that pillow case exists :o It sounds like the perfect thing to add to my sleep routine. Honestly, I have NO idea how people sleep in earrings tbh lol but I could never fathom too. Great tips and post hun :D

    xx Lena |

    1. Thank you so much Lena - yeah honestly this pillowcase is such a game changer! And yep earrings in is a complete no from me! x


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