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beerbongs & bentleys | Post Malone | 13th March 2019, London

'beerbongs & bentleys' is the title of Post Malone's second album that released last April.

Immediately after the album was released I loved all the songs on the album. It is so rare nowadays to find an album where you love every single song but Post Malone done it. Many songs also featured some amazing artists including Nicki Minaj and 21 Savage. 

My Top Three Songs From 'beerbongs & bentleys'

1. Sugar Wraith

2. Stay

3. Rich & Sad

(but it's really hard to pick top three tbh)

As soon as the album came out I knew I wanted to see Post Malone live on this album tour so I signed up for the pre-sale and purchased tickets for London O2 Arena. 

I hadn't seen Post Malone before and I was so so excited to finally see him. I really wanted to see him at Reading Festival last year, but I couldn't go that weekend because I was on holiday with my family :(

So I headed up to the O2 arena with my sister (Nancy) and two of my best friends (Hannah and Hollie). Nancy and I arrived at the O2 early because I headed straight to London from Uni so we had dinner there before Hannah and Hollie arrived. I had previously planned to treat Nancy to a Nandos before the concert but the queue for Nandos was ridiculously long and there was no way we were waiting that long for peri peri chicken and halloumi.

Actually the next day I saw on Twitter @meggoulding1 said "As if nandos at the o2 had to shut at 4pm because Post Malone ordered over £1000 of food..." So I guess that's why. So instead we went to Wasabi and ate two delicious katsu curries.  

After food we headed to the merchandise store to buy two tour t-shirts. Then we met Hannah and Hollie, bought drinks and went into the arena. 

I purchased four tickets that were seated because you have to be over 16 to be in standing and my sister is only 14. I tried to choose the best seats I could so I chose lower level on the right. I would've preferred to be not so far in the middle but we still had a really good view and the atmosphere was so  great - no one was seated once Post Malone came out.

There were three support acts for Post Malone. DJ E Nice, Tyla Yaweh and Roddy Rich. I hadn't heard of them before but they were really good! I particularly loved DJ E-Nice and Tyla Yaweh's set - you should definitely check out She Bad by Tyla Yaweh.

Wednesday 13th March 2019, The O2 Arena, London

Broken Whiskey Glass

Too Young

Over Now

Better Now

Sugar Wraith

No Option


Candy Paint


Blame It On Me


I Fall Apart

Up There



Go Flex

White Inverson




The setlist was amazing! He included a mix of all his best songs across both of his albums.

Post Malone is a genius and is so talented. He creates such unique music and his unique, fun personality comes through when he is performing live. I think it's incredible when an artist can entertain huge crowds on stage without any backing singers or dancers; particularly during his acoustic performance of Stay when it was just him and a guitar.

Post Malone is definitely on my list of people I want to see again live over and over again.


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