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Donating Your Unwanted Makeup

Have you got a collection of a few (or lots) of unwanted makeup and beauty products at home that you could gift to an amazing cause?

Have you got a foundation that doesn't match your skin-tone, a bright lipstick or eyeshadow palette you'll never get around to using, a bath and body set that has never been opened, or maybe you have so much makeup that it's time to have a bit of a clear out and to send these items to a good cause?

I have decided to start a series called 'Simply Sustainable'

There has been a large amount of awareness for Climate Change recently through protests across the country and on the news, through different documentaries, awareness on social media, petitions being signed and generally weather extremities worryingly taking place across the globe. In addition, other global problems such as inequality, poverty, domestic abuse, access to education among other things that we can help to improve worldwide by making small changes or being aware of organisations and companies that are combatting these global issues. I believe that it is time to change our lifestyles in small simple ways so we can all lead more sustainable lives to ultimately improve the future.

The first blog post of this series is a solution to unwanted makeup items. Instead of just throwing away unwanted products, you can send them to organisations that are making a big difference to people's lives.

This blog post is not sponsored in any way. I have decided to write about these organisations as I personally want to spread awareness and support them.

It is easy to purchase masses of makeup products, clothing and other items but sometimes it's a good idea to take a minute to actually think about how much you need that item, whether you will actually make use of that item and how much environmental impact that item may cause. Obviously as a student who loves makeup and fashion, it is difficult and perhaps unrealistic for me to cut out purchasing drugstore beauty products and high-street clothing however this series 'Simply Sustainable' is just about making small steps in the right direction.

Later on in this series I will suggest brands and products to make your beauty and skincare routine, as well as your fashion purchasing habits, a little more sustainable. However, this blog post is something that I am sure you can do right now to make a difference and to ultimately deal with your unwanted makeup and beauty products lying around your bedroom or bathroom.

Have you heard of Give and Makeup?

The purpose of Give and Makeup is to send everyday essentials and products to women and children who need them most, to make a difference to people's lives. I found out about Give and Makeup from a tweet I saw, and I absolutely loved the concept and wanted to share it with you.

Give and Makeup support Refuge and Women's Aid in London and Cardiff.

Refuge is an organisation that supports women and children and fights against domestic violence. "On any given day Refuge supports more than 6,000 clients, helping them rebuild their lives and overcome many different forms of violence and abuse; for example domestic violence, sexual violence, so-called 'honour'-based violence, human trafficking, modern slavery and female genital mutilation."

"Women's Aid is the national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children. We empower survivors by keeping their voices at the heart of our work, working with and for women and children by listening to them and responding to their needs."

"Each week 2 women in the UK are murdered by a partner or ex-partner."

"1 woman in 4 experiences domestic violence in their lifetime."

"The average woman experiences domestic violence 35 times before she calls the police."

Refuge and Women's Aid are passionate about fighting against domestic violence by supporting women and children nationwide and so here is where they need your help.

Also if you feel you need to talk to someone then click the links to both of these charities to have a chat with someone or to find out more information.

Most of us could be embarrassed by the amount of clothes, makeup, toys and toiletries we have lying around our homes. I know myself, I have lots of makeup that I tend to collect and hoard, items that have been gifted from friends and family, sent in beauty subscription boxes, sent as PR packages or just purchased, that I hardly ever use or haven't even opened yet! Most items I know I don't need and would much prefer them to be sent to someone else who would love them and make really good use of them!

Give and Makeup would love to receive clothing, makeup, toy and toiletry items that they can package up and send to women and families.


[Please ensure clothing is clean, new or nearly new]

Vests For Children
Anything Really!

[Please ensure items are new or nearly new. Whilst Give and Makeup accept everything second hand or new please do not send really old makeup or lipsticks that are pretty much used up]

Sanitary Towels
Baby Bathing Products
Shower Gel
Body Lotion
All Forms Of Makeup (Except no mascaras and lip-glosses)

[Please send new or nearly new toys for children except any imitation guns/weapons, any religious material and any inappropriate films with violent or sexual scenes]

Colouring Pads
Anything Really!

Give and Makeup work on the basis 'If you wouldn't give it to a friend then please don't send it in the post.' It's important that these women and families receive lovely items that can be used and are in great condition.


Give and Makeup
PO BOX 855
W4 4AW


Give and Makeup c/o
63-67 Wellfield Road
CF24 3PA

Postage will need to be paid by yourself, and all you have to do is seal up your items in a package and send it to one of the addresses above!

Give and Makeup is a lovely way to reduce household waste, to clear out and de-clutter your makeup and beauty collections, and of course to help support many women and children across the UK. It's a great organisation to get involved with so I would encourage you to send what you can and to also encourage your friends, family or anyone else to get involved too.

Have you heard of Beauty Banks?

Alternatively or in addition to donating to Give and Makeup, you could also drop-off items to Beauty Banks.

"Beauty Banks is a non-profit organisation like Food Banks but with essential personal care and beauty items instead. We collect, re-package and distribute parcels to our charity partners who ensure donations get to those who need them."

Simply find your nearest Beauty Bank drop-off point and browse the list of items that are needed at that time. Collect up your items and drop them down to the location during their opening times, or alternatively send a package in the post.

Hopefully this blog post inspires you to have a clear out of your makeup collections and to send some essential beauty products to others who need them.

If you know of any other organisations that are doing similar work, or other ways of donating unwanted beauty and makeup products then please comment these down in the comments section below this post for myself and others!

*Some of the items featured in these photographs have been #gifted*


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