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Purezza | Brighton's Best Vegan Pizzeria

Purezza is a delicious plant-based pizzeria located in Brighton that serves award-winning pizzas that use innovation to create traditional Italian recipes with new cruelty-free ingredients. 

"We spent two years developing our mozzarella in our laboratory using Italian brown rice. As passionate Italians, nothing less than a similar comparison to traditional mozzarella would have been enough. Our cheese is not only tastier than traditional mozzarella, it's also less than half the calories and fat (meaning you can eat double the amount!)… We also do raw cashew cheeses, a ricotta style cheese and a creamy coconut cheese."

"We currently have a wide range of gluten-free options, including a gluten free sourdough pizzas, creamy pasta dishes and delicious raw food choices."

Purezza also have loads of cold-pressed juices, cocktails, starters and desserts including an Oreo Pizza (crumbled oreos with a creamy hazelnut chocolate spread!) and a vegan tiramisu!

Whilst my family were visiting me at University we headed to Purezza for lunch. I opted for the Parmigiana Party pizza as it was the winner at The National Pizza Awards - and after trying it I can see exactly why!

Parmigiana Party
"Red tomato base with smoked mozzarella, aubergine parmigiana, crumbled sausages, topped with a dusting of nutritional yeast."

The Parmigiana Party tasted incredible. It was the first time I had ever tasted a vegan pizza, and I was sceptical about the plant-based cheese alternatives, but I was blown away. The pizza base was so fluffy and doughy, and the toppings were so delicious, creamy and cheesy. The sausages tasted amazing too. Certainly one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted and I can't wait to return to try some of the others!

For drinks, my mum and I chose the Daily Greens cold-pressed juice which was so sweet and refreshing! My auntie opted for a classic Brewdog beer.

The staff are so friendly and helpful, and the restaurant has a small and relaxed atmosphere. Purezza's prices are really affordable and they accept student discount too which is an added bonus! Purezza also has a location in Camden Lock, London.

I would certainly recommend Purezza if you find yourself in Brighton over the summer as you won't be disappointed!



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    1. It was so yummy! I would definitely recommend Purezza pizza xx


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