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Savage X Fenty Review | Lingerie By Rihanna

"My vision for Savage X has always been inclusivity, has always been having women feel confident and expressing themselves through a little lace, a little corsetry, a little t-shirt bra."
- Rihanna

Rihanna has for years been such a role model for women across the world. She has accomplished so many amazing things in her career. She's an incredible music artist and performer, an actress, a charity founder, award-winner, beauty innovator, lingerie founder and fashion designer. Throughout her years she has always been an advocate for female empowerment and diversity within all of her projects. Savage X is a successful lingerie brand that started off with a bang at their debut runway show as there was a beautiful showcase to express female power and to normalize a wide range of nudes and body sizes.

During the catwalk the audience shouted - Is this the Garden of Eden? Rihanna stated "It's funny you say Garden of Eden, because it is mixing the really organic, authentic things of the world and meshing it with what we see in the future or what we hope to see in the future: women being celebrated in all forms and all body types, and all races and all cultures. It's a celebration of womanhood."

She further added "I think it's a shame women have to feel insecure or self-conscious about how their bodies look. They've been taught by society that only one thing works."

So Rihanna's lingerie collection features a wide range of nudes, sizes, styles and designs to suit most women. You can take a short quiz here to find out which Savage X you are and some beautiful lingerie items will be thrown into a collection specifically for you!

Savage X operates with two pricing strategies. The first is just simple online shopping where you purchase the items at full price, or the second which is a VIP membership where each month a lingerie collection will be created for you featuring new items, and members can shop these items at a discounted price using membership credit. You will also have access to new drops, Xclusive VIP sets, 30-day fit gurantee and bundle offers. If you decide to skip a month then just click 'skip the month' by the 5th and you won't be charged. If you wish you can cancel anytime.

As you may have seen across YouTube and Instagram at the moment Savage X are promoting their 2 bras for $29 offer and I gave in to the promotion and decide to make a purchase! This blog post is not sponsored and the items are not gifted.

I worked through the short quiz and was given a collection tailored to my selections including the bras within the 2 for $29 offer. I absolutely loved the styles and designs. I was originally looking for a new t-shirt bra that will be super comfortable to wear everyday for work and I came across the Microfiber Balconette Bra in the colour caviar. Then I wanted something prettier but still comfortable to wear so I chose the Unlined Lace Bra in the colour Navy. Once I made my order I was so excited for my parcel to arrive.

They arrived!

A beautiful baby pink box landed in my porch and I opened it immediately.

Both bras look exactly as they are shown on the website. I am really impressed by the quality of the items.

The Microfiber Balconette Bra:

1. Super soft and comfortable material
2. Amazing support
3. A perfect fit
4. No boning in the sides of the bra so no painful digging in at your sides
5. No lines and double boob when wearing a t-shirt or blouse
6. Wide range of sizes and colours
7. Cute cross back detail

Unlined Lace Bra:

1.The design is so simple and cute
2. Super comfortable
3. A perfect fit
4. Lace is an amazing quality
5. Wide range of sizes and colours

The Verdict

Overall my experience with Savage X Fenty has been amazing. I am really happy with my online shopping experience as well as the lingerie itself (which is the most important part). I will certainly purchase from Savage X in the future and would recommend the brand to all women - if you can remember to skip each month when you don't want to purchase anything!


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