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Shuffle | Unique Cocktail Bar Where The Music Is In Your Hands

Shuffle Bar and Kitchen is an amazing cocktail bar located in Brighton that creates delicious cocktails and allows guests the opportunity to select the bar's music.

"We want Shuffle to be a place where pretentions are left at the door and our guests are met with a smile and a handshake. As well as an exciting way to listen to music, we also want to put the enjoyment back into drinking cocktails. For too long, cocktails have been about the mixologist and not about the guest. At Shuffle we deliver a massive selection of wonderfully delicious cocktails, prepared quickly and effortlessly so our guests can get back to their party rather than standing at a bar for 20 minutes."

Shuffle has an online jukebox so guests can select their favourite songs and add them to the playlist queue to be played throughout the evening!


1. Get a drink and take a seat
2. Select 'Shuffle Jukebox' in your Wi-Fi settings
3. Open your browser and search ''
4. Follow the instructions and pick a tune
5. Wait for it to come on
6. Enjoy your music with everyone!


I headed to Shuffle as I finished second year last Friday and I'm starting my new job on Monday so it's a perfect excuse to drink some cocktails (if you ever need an excuse...) The bar is small and snug, the staff are really friendly, and the atmosphere fun and lively! We headed out into the beer garden which is so nice, especially in the sun. The cocktails are reasonably priced and it's £5.80 cocktails every Friday night as well as other offers being available during the week!


The cocktails on offer are amazing and there are so many to choose from. Some of our favourites were 'Gin N Juice', 'Peach Crush', 'Long Island Iced Tea', and 'Frozen Bellini'. Shuffle also provide cocktails of the month and this month they had Love Island inspired cocktails such as 'Love Island Iced Tea' 'Stop Trying To Make Bev Happen' and 'My Type On Paper'.


Monday to Wednesday 2-4-1 cocktails all night

Thursday £5.80 cocktails all night

Friday £5.80 cocktails all night

Saturday 2-4-1 cocktails between 5 & 7pm

I had such an amazing time at Shuffle and I think it is now one of my favourite places to go in Brighton. I can't wait to return to try out more of their drinks!


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