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Three Ways To Help The Environment | AD

The environmental conversation has taken on new tones and topics since it was first unveiled or gained real prominence in the early 2000s. Back then, switching off your lights as you leave the room, never leaving your television on standby mode or recycling seemed to be the big new solutions to climate change, a worrying process that has contributed to the recent wildfires in Australia and contributed to 2019 being the second hottest year on record.

Nowadays this conversation, while also supported by that previous advice, has taken on a new priority as solutions are more important than ever to find. In a world where everyone seems to have an opinion on Greta Thunberg or where it seems as though this conversation can be stunted as soon as it starts, like anything, each person trying to make healthier decisions can allow for positive trends to take place.

In the following advice you'll hear some encouraging insights that may help us all do our bit to prevent climate change, and maybe even slow down the degradation of our wonderful natural environment. So here are three pieces of advice to help the environment...

Driving Hybrid Or Electric Vehicles

In the UK, 'zero-emission' cars will be the standard by 2040, in an intensive effort to reduce unnecessary pollution. But there's no reason to wait until that point until you can start making healthier choices when purchasing a new vehicle. Electric and hybrid vehicles are coming into their own, providing exceptional design and incredible cost-effectiveness. The New Vauxhall Grandland X HYBRID4 is perhaps one of the most pressing examples of how new engineering can provide a worthwhile driving experience without causing an intensive impact on the environment. Remaining aware of your options is always a good idea, so if you are looking for a new car in the near future it is definitely worth considering the impact it will have on the environment.

Reducing Your Meat Consumption

Vegan products, such as Impossible Burger or Gregg's vegan sausage roll have taken up the headlines in recent months, perhaps because they break convention so dramatically. But there's no reason for people to feel forced into the vegan diet, as is often a point of contention. Just swapping out a few ingredients from your usual weekly dietary consumption for plant-based alternatives can help you do your bit. For instance, purchasing vegan mayo might be your first step, as it's becoming more and more commonplace on our shelves. The more people do this, the less the harmful environmental impact the agricultural industry can have.

Spread Awareness

You needn't become a frightful bore only talking about the environment to your friends and nothing else, but it can't hurt to mention that you're making certain decisions, or why you are, or to share your opinions on climate changes and how much of an effect is it having worldwide. The more awareness can spread, the healthier the conversation around climate change will be.

With this advice, I hope you can make a few changes to help our lovely planet!

*This is a collaboration post.

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