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Exercise is so important, and, when you find something you enjoy, it can be so much fun. Whether that is a cycle class, dance lessons, weightlifting or just going on country walks in the fresh air. However often heading to the gym or going for a run on your own can become monotonous and boring, so it is great to find other ways to exercise with others. Finding other people to exercise with could keep you motivated and more entertained as you work out. Here are just several ways in which you can exercise with others.
Find a gym buddy
If you’ve got a gym membership that you want to take advantage of, consider finding yourself a gym
buddy to train with. This could be a friend, a relative or someone you’ve met at the gym. You’ll need to
agree on a regular time at which you can both train. It could help if you’re both of a similar fitness ability.
Join an exercise club
If you don’t know anyone who you can exercise with, you could consider joining a club and meeting
people there. There are all kinds of exercise clubs to consider including spin classes, circuit classes,
yoga clubs, running clubs, martial arts clubs and outdoor boot camps. Find a club near you that suits
your interests and consider going along for a taster session.
Hire a personal trainer
If you need someone to spur you on rather than someone to train with, you could consider hiring a
personal trainer. This could also be useful if you have a specific fitness goal in mind – a personal trainer
will be able to help you find unique exercises catered to your needs. You can find personal trainers
working at most gyms. You may also be able to find local personal trainers advertising on social media
– if you don’t want to exercise at the gym, some of these trainers may be able to find alternative
locations for you to exercise such as at home or at the park.
Take on a team fitness challenge
There are many challenges that you can take on as a team including races, obstacle courses, treks and
mountain climbs. You’ll be able to train towards a goal together and share the success of reaching this
goal whether it’s climbing a mountain together or completing an obstacle course together. You can
design your own OCR - obstacle course racing team kit online. Having a kit could help to spur you all on.
Use apps to compete with others

There are many fitness apps that can allow you to compete against others - including friends
and strangers. These include step counter apps, running apps, and HIIT apps. While you may
not be exercising with someone in person, it could still give you a sense that you're exercising
with people.

You can check out a few fitness apps that allow you to compete with others here.


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