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Christmas at Kew

 *Insert opening paragraph about how this Christmas was so different from past Christmasses and how these unprecedented times have impacted the festive spirit*

Ok well, it's true. The 2020 Christmas was a different one, and although most of it was spent watching Christmas movies and drinking Bailey's, I was lucky enough to spend one evening enjoying Christmas in London with my family.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, mostly due to the feeling of excitement in the lead up to the big day, and celebrating with family and friends. Of course, another beautiful thing about Christmas is the appearance of twinkly lights popping up on houses and in cities across the UK. I love how magical it looks - can't we just keep the beautiful lights up all year round?

Christmas at Kew is an enchanting winter trail filled with stunning light installations that sparkle and glow all around you. 

My family and I booked tickets this Christmas and headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Before entering the event, we enjoyed dinner at The Tap On The Line. A unique pub situated, well, on the line; the District Line to be precise as the restaurant is located in Kew Underground Station. Formerly the railway, the restaurant area is a renovated timber steaming room and boasts a beautiful mix of modern and traditional interior design. Due to COVID, there was a limited choice of food on the menu but I enjoyed a delicious Chalcroft Farm beef burger accompanied by a good old gin and tonic.

After our meal, we headed down the quaint yet extravagant streets of Kew, filled with stunning townhouses, before arriving at the event. 

Christmas at Kew is filled with festive magic. We made our way through glittering tunnels of bells, giant illuminated dandelion seeds areas,  past a fairytale illuminated rose garden, past impressive trees wrapped in neon lights, and sparkling treetop waterfalls. The addition of seasonal music and delicious treats served through cabins along the way made the experience so immersive, and Kew Gardens truly embraced the Christmas spirit. 

The whole experience was spectacular and really put me in the festive mood; building my excitement for Christmas. I will certainly be booking tickets for future Christmasses and I would recommend this experience to anyone looking for a wonderfully different way to enjoy a festive experience.


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